Medications List

Prescriptions should be written for a 90 day supply for chronic medications.

Medications Currently Unavailable:

  • Detrol 2 mg
  • Glyburide micronized 3 mg and 6 mg
  • Strattera 18 mg capsule
  • Nicotrol® 10 mg/ml nasal spray

New Medications:

  • Avandia 2 mg and 4 mg are now available
  • Trelegy Ellipta® (100 mcg/62.5 mcg/25 mcg) and Relenza Diskhaler® are now available.
  • Trintellix® (10mg) is now available.

Medication Changes:

  • Dexilant®, Rozerem®, Amitiza® (24 mcg), Uloric® (40 mg)  are no longer available.
  • Symbyax 12-25 mg is no longer on formulary
  • We can no longer accept new prescriptions for Nitrostat® , Skelaxin® and Viagra®. We can no longer supply these medications, but will honor refill requests as supplies last.


Available Medications Last Updated: 11/7/2019

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If you are seeking information on your application status or are a patient with questions about your prescription(s), please call us at 803-933-9183.