It’s an Impossible Decision

The choice between paying for their lifesaving medications, keeping food on the table, electricity turned on, or gas in a vehicle is a hard reality that too many in our communities face! At Welvista we are doing our part to make sure that fewer people across our state face this impossible decision with our FREE Medication Assistance Program (MAP).

Since 1991, Welvista’s Medication Assistance Program (MAP) has provided free prescriptions to low-income, uninsured South Carolinians living with chronic diseases. By offering access to lifesaving medications for diabetes, asthma, hypertension, behavioral health, and many more chronic illnesses, we bridge a tremendous healthcare gap for our communities’ most underserved residents.  In 2022, Welvista’s charitable pharmacy filled 257,153 prescriptions for 19,154 patients across South Carolina. In 2024 we hope to serve even more of our friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers with their lifesaving medication regardless of an inability to pay.


At Welvista, our impact is three-fold. Medication Assistance Program (MAP) Benefits:

1. Patients and their caregivers. By mailing prescriptions directly to patients and providing education to improve medication adherence, we remove countless barriers to accessing lifesaving medications.

2. Healthcare Centers and hospitals. Non-adherence to medications lands tens of thousands of patients back in our local emergency rooms, doctor offices, and ICUs each year, straining our healthcare system and contributing to billions in avoidable healthcare costs. Welvista’s skilled pharmacists educate patients on the correct dosage and the importance of medication adherence for positive health outcomes.

3. South Carolina and its taxpayers. Uncompensated care for uninsured patients tops $35 billion annually*, with our federal and local governments absorbing a big chunk of the costs with taxpayer dollars. Welvista offsets the expense of uncompensated care by providing approximately $160 million in free medication each year.


Together we can provide hope and wellness to more people across South Carolina. We invite you to help us further our work by either telling someone you know who would benefit from our services about the MAP program at Welvista or by giving today to help supply patients with the medications they need. Nearly 99 cents of every dollar given goes directly to patient assistance.  To learn more about eligibility for the MAP program click here.

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If you are seeking information on your application status or are a patient with questions about your prescription(s), please call us at 803-933-9183.