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Every South Carolinian deserves access to essential health services. We’re all better for it.

Essential Health Services for All

At Welvista, we believe every South Carolinian deserves essential health services. We know how quickly unmanaged chronic disease can develop into life-threatening illness, and how often the lack of preventive care can prelude other issues. We know this issue disproportionately affects those already struggling to get by. And that this inequality impacts not only our state’s overall quality of life, but also its bottom line. That’s why we’re working to be the solution.

Welvista seeks to connect South Carolina’s most vulnerable citizens to the critical services they need. Because when everyone has access to care, we’re all better for it.

Serving South Carolinians Since 1991

Founded in 1991, Welvista is a 501(c)3 organization that helps uninsured and underserved South Carolinians gain access to essential health services while reducing the long-term costs of health care that result from untreated conditions. In 2016, Welvista filled more than 169,000 free prescriptions in the treatment of chronic disease, at an average wholesale price of more than $113 million. The pediatric dental program has provided more than 82,000 fillings and sealants to more than 14,000 young students in high-need school districts.

One of the Largest Mail-Order Pharmacies

Welvista has evolved into an organization partnering with nine pharmaceutical companies, who donate brand name medications, making Welvista one of the largest mail-order pharmacies in the nation providing free prescription medications  for the uninsured. Welvista’s formulary also includes generic medications. By providing a single point of access to over 180 medications that treat chronic illnesses, Welvista is a viable solution to bridge a tremendous gap in prescription assistance to support hope and wellness in South Carolina.

We Are Driven By…


Caring for all people in need.


Value all people and treat them equitably and with care and respect.


Pursue the highest level of service and quality in all that we do.


Adhere to the highest level of ethics in everything we do.


Together everyone achieves more.


Seek the best solutions to ensure health care access for the uninsured.

HIPAA Compliance

Welvista does not collect HIPAA patient information through this website.

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