UPDATE: **Medications we no longer stock as of January 2014: PROZAC, SAPHRIS, VIMOVO, and ZYPREXA. **We no longer have VIBRAMYCIN, COSOPT, CARDIZEM, BECONASE AND MINIPRESS We will continue to fill current prescriptions until our stock is depleted Please see our formulary for current medications available.

Stock: Out-of-stock medications are indicated in red.


Welvista's mail order pharmacy receives donations of brand medications directly from pharmaceutical companies and dispenses prescriptions by mail at no charge to eligible patients. Our medication list is tailored to cover a large number of chronic medical conditions, including asthma, depression, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, migraine, osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease, psychoses, and seizures. Through the generosity of our pharmaceutical partners, we continue to increase the number and types of medications provided. Please visit our website often to stay current on all of the products that we have available.

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